Thursday, June 7, 2012

Living In No Gravity

In Room 13 we have a wonder wall it is where we put questions up about our curiosity. We all find out lots of little questions and put them together to find the answer or some answers, as some questions may not have an answer. My question was what if we lived with no gravity. If we lived with no gravity we would be floating around, able to cart wheel around in the air, food and water would be floating around as well. We might even float up into space, we could die because we can't breath in space. I don't think I would like to live in no gravity, but I would to live in it for one day just for fun.

By Nina


Kerry said...

Hi Nina, I'm with you for wanting to have a go at one day without gravity. Sounds like fun, I could just float across the harbour to school. Your wonder wall sounds exciting and I might have to come and add one of my wonders. Keep up your curiousity.

Nina said...

Thanks Kerry for your comment. Feel free to come round and add to our wonder wall. Please come back and see what we are up to with our curiosity.