Friday, November 9, 2012

How to Digest Food

Things you will need:
Blood  Apple  Toilet   Money
Shop   Small Intestine   Large Intestine
Tongue   Esophagus   Rectum
Anus   Mouth   Teeth


Step1.Buy a Apple from the Shop

Step2. Put the Apple in Mouth and chew with teeth then role the mushed up apple into a Ball with  Tongue

Step3.Swallow the Apple then Squeeze it down the Esophagus untill it reaches the St

Step 4.Mix acid with Apple so it will Breakup then send the rest to the Small Intestine

Step 5.Squeeze the nutrients from the Apple into the Blood with Tiny holes on the Small Intestine then Send the rest to the Large Intestine.

Step 6.Use the Large Intestine to take water from the Waste {which used to be an apple}then empty the rest to the rectum

Step 7.Get the Rectum to take some more Water then tell the Anus to open up so the waste can get out

If you get this right you will have sent the Apple from the Super Market to the Toilet then out to sea.

By Malachi


Allie - Nina's Mum said...

Hi Malachi
Wow, that is a very detailed account of how to digest food. I liked the way you described what happens when we eat food in a very straightforward way. You got the steps in order too. The human body is pretty amazing aye?

Anonymous said...

your story was amazing best story ever

maya said...

very intresting ...