Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Journey to Cape Reinga

In room 13 we recently just started counting up how far people in room 13 were running for cross country practice, well okay not just recently about a week ago. So lets get on with the story now we kind of took the idea off room 12. Each lap around is about 250m and we tally up how many laps we do then convert that into metres and add them all up. Anyway on Wednesday the 15th of May our total km run is 189Km. I thought that was great we are trying to get up to Cape Reinga its the top of New Zealand. We took some photos of where we got up to on the map. We have gone past Whangarei and Hikurangi. The next run we will probably pass Paihia. Uala and me counted up what we got up to, today we ran 41.25Km altogether, I think we went pretty far well thats what i thought if you ask me. When we are running my normal amount of laps I would go is about 5 or 6 laps in ten minutes, thats how long we run for. I like doing the running because we do not have to do work for ten minutes, now I find that Impressive.

By Georgia


Maya said...

I'm really impressed with ourselves. Next thing you know we're swimming to the Tropics!

From Maya

georgia said...

hey room 13 i think we have an awesome blog

Anonymous said...

Wow - that's fantastic. Where are you up to today, have you made it to the top?
The cross country is looking a little wet this morning, but I hope you all run really well and have fun.

Anne (Griffin's Mum)