Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Science Experiment: Turning milk to plastic

*portable element

1. First we turn on the portable element.
2. Then we put a small amount of milk in the bowl and put the bowl on the element.
3. After that we added the vinegar and let the mixture simmer.
4. Then we put all the mixture through the sieve with all the vieigar drained out.
5. If there is still some vinegar left, move the sieve up and down and side to side.
6. Then we put it out in the sun to dry.
7. When it has dried run cold water over the mixture.
8. After that you should be able to bounce it around like a ball, an eco friendly, plastic, home made, bouncy ball!

We did this experiment with Miss Jay in Room 12. Overall, I thought it was an amazing experience because we learned how to make plastic! I thought it was really fun and I can't wait until the next one! I think we might be making sherbet!

By Alex V.


Anonymous said...

Cool Alex,
That sounds like a really interesting experiment, and best of all its eco freindly. Its good thta we noe know something that we can use to make bouncy balls. instead of making ruber or plastic.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hello Alex

It was so cool how the plastic we made with Miss Jay was eco- friendly! The plastic we made with Miss Jay really stunk thanks to the vinegar! It was soooo stink how the ball of plastic we made did'nt dry quick enough so we did not get to see it bounce like a ball.
By the way your instructions on how we made platic is super, Dooper good!