Thursday, February 11, 2010

CHANGE - 2010

Greeting and welcome to our blog for 2010. We are the new group of students in room 16 and will be looking at how things CHANGE. Read on and find out how we have all had some changes happen in our lives. When you comment think about how you have changed and share it with us.

what is new with you?

Uala - A major change for me this year is that I am no longer relieving but in the classroom full-time.

Alyssa - I don't like sushi any more. Harry - I have grommets in both ears.

Otalani - I am not in the classroom full time. Charlotte - I was a vegetarian but now i eat meat.

Emma - My eyes are a little bit lighter. Floyd - I gained three pounds.

Raiden - I like Homemade sushi. Julius - I am much faster when i run.

Kiamana -I grew 78 cm tall. Lucy - I have darker hair.

Maya - My hair is longer. Ariana - My hair is really curly.

Frederica - My big smile,it is bigger. Pipi - Last year i was a junior but now am a SENIOR.

Georgia - My age, height and hair have changed. Matthew - I am taller.

Tom - I have a new hair cut. Bryn - I have pimples. Cole - I gained two kg!

Lola - I like the colour orange. Filo - I am faster and taller.

David - My hair is growing slower.

Daniel - I am taller and smarter. Caleb - I like eggs now. Alice - I am taller now.

Liam - I won a prize pack! Sofia - I have grown five cm and have longer hair.

Sam - I am 5 cm taller. George - I am better at saving my money!

Thomas - I have twice as many freckles than before.

We are all in a new class!


Andrea said...

Oh Room 16 ! I can hear your senses of humour coming through your writing. I like how you all can see how you've changed. I liked the ones about getting taller and smiles getting bigger - all good things !

Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more posts from you soon.


P.S. I have changed too. My students call me Andrea now instead of Mrs Fale !

Anonymous said...

Buenos dias Room 16
I really liked your questions that you did they were amazing.I liked your writing about the questions.
Can't wait until next time!!!

From your friends Ethan and Sene at Grey Lynn school Auckland New Zealand. Bye

Anonymous said...

I love how you guys have changed room 16 ! I like the, my smile is bigger Fredericia ( so has mine!!!) keep blogging p.s your blogs working out really well from madeline RM 12

Mysterious Phantom said...

Taller, Hair longer. My hair is MUCH longer! But my cape is a lot shorter.
I like all your ideas, and especially money saving, because I'm useless. I spend, spend spend. Maybe you could teach me?

The Phantom.

Anonymous said...

Talofa room 16 this is Mahele from room 12 you have all changed in lots of different ways one of the things I've
changed not that you can see but it is my vocabulary!

Jacqui said...

Kia ora room 16. I very much enjoyed your piece of writing, it made me smile. This year I changed my hair colour from dark brown to copper. It's always good to try new things.

Thank you for brightening my day.

Jacqui (Mum to Felix room5)