Thursday, July 22, 2010

100 Ways to Celebrate


10 things about poems

10 things about art

10 awesome friends at school

10 games at school

10 things about EOTC week

10 wacky activities

10 awesome games

10 things I learnt in maths

10 things I learnt in writing

10 most memorable moments

By Harry and Floyd


Mysterious Phantom said...

Most agreeable. Shall I be the anonymous phantom blogger, turning up here and there?.

I will put my hand if Uala asks who blogs. Hopefully you will not know my identity.

I'd like the ten favourite days. Number one and two- end of the terms! 3 and 4- start of the holidays!

Mysterious phantom blogger.

Emma said...

i love your creative thinking Floyd and Harry it sounds like you are having a lot of fun in class!!

from Emma in room 16!:]

Pipi said...

Hey good work guys sounds like your having a good time in class From Pipi

Sian said...

Fabulous to see rm 16 with a digital platform. Will be really interesting to see what you guys do with this blog. I Look forward to reading all your news and information about what you love to do.
Have fun.
Sian (Pipi's mum)

Andrea Fale said...

I liked all the ways to celebrate. I am glad we all got a chance to celebrate today. The Totara Team did so well.I was very proud.

Keep posting the blogs ! I love to read about what you're up too !


frederica said...

nice work on the 100 hundread year poem good discriptive words ,

Matt said...

Hello Harry and Floyd,

Nice blog about what you do in 100 days