Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Room 13 were given the task of writing a list of their top 10 inventions out of all the pieces of technology created. Here is our class top ten:

Room 13's Top Ten:

The Wheel

We each had to do a project about what we thought the best invention was and why. We had some interesting topics. We had to answer a few questions like who was the inventor, when and where it was invented and was it a successful invention. We could present our project anyway we thought would be best. We have computer projects, posters, booklets and models. These are some of the e-learning projects that we did.


More to come plus there are loads of others in Room 13, come check them out!


Anonymous said...

Wow Griffin and Kalia's your projects are both fantastic. Its great seeing your work on your blog. You should ask Uala to load more of your classes work on it. Well done!

Anne (Griffin's mum)

Ruth said...

I loved watching Griffin and Kalia's movies. I learnt quite a few new things.

Great learning Room 13

Anonymous said...

Hi Griff and Kalia,

I really thought your project was funny Griff and Kalia yours was great. I liked the music on yours Kalia.

I wish I could've done both of them.

Why did you choose the satellite?
Why did you choose the World Wide Web. I really thought they were awesome.

From Shaan and Matthew

Anonymous said...

Hi Kalia and Griffin
We really like your projects we learnt loads and they were entertaining
from Holly Kaia and Briarn*

Tes said...

Hi Kalia

how are you i hope you are looking at this anyway i like your slide show.HI TO EVRY ONE BYE.Iwill keep writing to you guys BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BBBBBBYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

from Tes I hope you still remember me

ma140/alex said...

hi grifgrif good work from alex

your cuson said...

wow kalia that was amazing keep up with the good work

Anonymous said...

awesome griffn