Friday, November 22, 2013


In Room 13 we did this thing called 5 for 5. You had to do 5 scenes that were 5 seconds. We made a video called MAD SCIENTISTS. In Room 13 had an experiment where we made CO2 gas. CO2 stands for carbon dioxide. So we did a video and filmed us making carbon dioxide, we had to admit that we sort of looked like GEEKS! This video is a version of what we did. ENJOY!

By Daisy, Holly and Ashley.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mad sientests,
We really liked watching your video we thought it was intertaning.You did very well explaining how to make that happen.

Matthew,leo and Tupaia

Shaan said...

Hi Mad Scientists,

The video was interesting and once when I did it, I put too much vinegar in it and it erupted.

Why did you want to do this for your 5 for 5?

From Shaan