Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Seeing Ourselves!

Today Room 13 went to the Corbans Art Centre to learn about portrait painting. We meet Joy and Ann-Sophie who taught us about sketching and painting self-portraits. We learnt about painting a 'Bust' self-portrait, a bust portrait is a portrait from your head to your shoulders. We really enjoyed going and found it to be a lot of fun.

We learnt....
- that your face is more than just one colour
- how to blend colors
- how to use smiley faces and two tear drops to draw a nose
- that our face is an egg shape, not a circle, square or an oval
- how to draw eyes using smiley faces and eyelashes
- how to paint
- that we need to take our time and enjoy the art
- how to sketch using charcoal
All in all we learnt how to do better portraits of ourselves.


Andrea said...

I really enjoyed your list of what you learned on your art trip. This shows that you are being reflective learners.

All the pictures made it look like you really enjoyed yourselves.

If you had to give us one tip on how to draw a bust portrait, what would it be?

Keep blogging,
Andrea, Room 16

Maya said...

Hi room 13.

I really enjoyed going to the corban
art center.It also gave me an idea for my grandpa's birthday present,
want to know?I will give you a clue:
It involves painting.[And no it is not my self-portrait!]

Good luck on finding it out,
from maya.

Kate (Maya's mum) said...

Hi Room 13 -

What a great trip! It sounds as if you learnt a lot about self-portraits and you all looked very focused and hard working in the photos. Are you going to put the paintings up in your room? Can't wait to see them!

Kate (Maya's mum)

Room 14 Seekers of Knowledge said...

Thank you for your comments

@Andrea- one tip would be to look at yourself while you are drawing your portrait. If you want we can show you how to draw a nose and eyes using smiley faces and tear drops

@Kate- We will have the portraits by the end of next week. Come in and have a look

Anna said...

looks like you all had a great time at the art centre!I cant wait to see the bust self-portrait.

Jennifer said...

Hey Room 13!

Looks like you had a great,great time at the art station!Feels like I havent seen you in years but Im sure you are getting along well.You had an awesome slide show and it showed you had a nice time.

Jennifer P.S You guys are awesome!

harry said...

I loved painting and mixing colours.

from harry - rm13

Lisa Hedges said...

I enjoyed coming along and even having a go myself! The kids all found their inner artists and produced really great work! We were all artists!

Lisa (Harry Hedges Mum)

daisy said...

hi room 13 i love your piture

from daisy

Room 14 Seekers of Knowledge said...

my name is xavier

Sailesh (Shaan's Dad) said...

Sounds like you all had a great day.
I can't wait to see Shaan's self portrait

Julie said...

Hi Rm 13 - I loved coming with you on this trip. The slideshow is great - showing all the steps you went through to paint your self portraits. Can't wait to see the finished results back in class. Julie (Paloma's Mum)

Tupaia said...

I really liked the photo's in the blog Room 13 they look awesome

Anonymous said...

you guys must of had fun wish i came with you!

ashley said...

I want to go again.
It was so fun and cool.