Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Mud Run

On sunday I went to a mud run. A mud run is when there
is three races a short, medium and long I only did the short
race. Me my mum my brother and my sister and two of
my sisters friends. We all had to tape our shoes on. I lined
up for the short race and GO!!!! I tried to run. I ran with my
mum but then...OH NO I got stuck I had to call my mum.
I had mud all over I got up and got to the finish I went to
the fire mens hose to wash of then I lined up to get a little
bag of goodies. I had fun and felt tired.


Year 3/4 Grey Lynn Scribblers said...

Hi there,

I think a mud run looks fun. Anything that makes running fun is helpful!

Maybe we should make our cross country a mud run? Sounds fun to me.

By the way. Can you sign your post so I know who wrote this awesome story!

From Andrea

Julie said...

Great description of the run, Paloma (yes, it was Paloma!) - it was so much fun being waist deep in mud!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a huge amount of fun. I hope you got to have a long shower afterwards.

Anne (Griffin's Mum)

felix said...

pretty cool i might see you next year at the mud run

Tes and Kalia said...

hi paloma
it looks so fun we hope you won the race what was your favourite part

harry said...


harry and JOHN

Kate said...

Wow Paloma that sounds like fun! I really like how you included your personal thoughts and comments in your writing.

Keep it up!
From Kate and Room 6

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 13

I hope you all had a great time at Aloha - I thought you all performed and sang really well. You should be very proud.

I'm looking forward to reading your pots about Aloha, and what you enjoyed the most.

Anne (Griffin's Mum)

jack and francis said...

keep on being AWESOME nice job

ashley said...


daisy said...

hi Paloma

Paloma did you have fun doing the mud run. did you get all muddey i hope you had fun there.
:D from daisy.

Ashley said...

Hi paloma,
next time can I come next time.
sounds like fun.
from Ashley

Anonymous said...

hi ploma that sounds like so mutch fun