Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Holiday Snap Shots

So what did Room 16 kids get up to in the holidays. Read their writing and find out.

Skateboarding Rules
By Zeb

Hot Holidays
My holidays were great
They were really something to appreciate
There was running and jumping we had lots of fun
All happening in the hot hot sun
Only 2 weeks - it ended so soon
I cannot be late for my first day of term 2
By Jonathan

Holidays with my horse
In the holidays, well every holidays i go horse riding. This time my horse was Angel she was so gorgeous, I love her so much. But she was not an Angel. She bucked me off twice. Angel and another horse called Surprise like to race, it is pretty scary!.Every day we went on a track and at the end of the day we had to feed them. Apples and all the horses block all the exits making it hard for the other riders to get out. This is way scary but fun at the same time. Horse riding is cool and i love it. I love my horse.
By Vanessa

Tree climbing
In the holidays on the first Friday Jonathan and I went to woodhill tree adventures. Once we got there the owners helped us get our harnesses on. As soon as we had done that we went off to get taught how to clip the pully and harnesses on to the ropes.After learning how to do everything we went straight off to course 1 (the easiest course). My favourite course would be course 4 but that would also be the hardest.
Jonatan and I had a great time :).

By Sam


Room 8 Super Stars said...

Hello room 16

I saw all your poems. I really liked reading your poems. They were great.

from Amy in Room 10

Loimata said...

Hi Vanessa, Jonathan, Zeb and Sam,
Your holidays must have been really cool. I enjoyed reading your little stories about your holidays. The pictures that you did on kid pix and paint are great too.

From Loimata

louis said...

Hi class - its louis here i just looked at our blog spot its great like your pictures.seeya.

MIchael said...

Hi Room 16 - its Louis' Dad here. I am looking forward to coming to Camp Bentzon with you and all the very strict rules and the terrible food that Otalani has told us parents about in secret. Oh, whoops.

Louise said...

I'm really looking forward to camp! Oh, whoops!

Anonymous said...

Hello room 16 vanessa here our blog is so cool all the pictures are really cool! i really like like the acrostic poem and all the pictures are really awesome!! our blogs looks really cool.

from vanessa

Anonymous said...

Hi guys
It looks like you've had a great holiday.
Zeb great poem and some great Skateboarding must of been awesome fun.

Jonathan and Sam must of been great fun at Woodhill Tree Adventures. I've been there to it's great fun and sort of hard.

And Vanessa cool time with the horse

From Gus

Unknown said...

Well Oh my goodness. Room 16 has been busy. What a FANTASTIC poem Zeb. I LOVED it and the cool colours as well.

Sam - The tree climbing sounds like fun. Were there any birds in the trees? Did you see anything else cool there?

All of your holidays sounded fun.

Keep blogging!

Unknown said...
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Room10@Ptengland school said...

Kia Ora Room 16,
I loved reading your poems but your drawings were just fantastic. You must be practising those skills very hard. Well done and keep up the great work.

Miss Lavakula and Room 10@Pt England School

Anonymous said...

Hi it is susanna here and I think your art workis so cool .


Anonymous said...

wow your holidays sounded like fun

Anonymous said...

wow your holidays sounded like fun

Anonymous said...

sounded like you had fun holidays!
From Tosh and Molly

Mia said...

Hi Sam
Great writing. I loved your recount about your tree adventures.

By Mia Room 9

Matt said...

Dear Jonathon
I really like your writing about your hot holidays.
I loved your picture too.

By Matt Room 9