Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Late Mothers Day Card

Hey mum it's late but I wanted to say it's mothers day every day . I made you a cup of tea and gave you breakfast in bed and the last thing you got was dinner (made by dad, not you). I made this digital card on kid pix.  Hope you like it.

From Zeb


Unknown said...

Wow Zeb. So cool that you did all that and posted it on the blog as well. Your card reminded me that my mum's card is still in my purse waiting to be mailed to Canada ! Ooops.

Your drawing is very good as well. Good choices in pencil size and appropriate colours.

Well done. Mrs Fale

Loimata said...

Hi Zeb,
Mothers day was around 5 days ago.
Your drawing that you did on kid pix is fantastic!

Lisa B said...

Hey Zeb, great card!! It looks EXACTLY like your mum in your kitchen! Very clever of you!