Friday, May 29, 2009

Ink's go crazy on Photo Booth

WALT: Use Photo Booth, iPhoto, Bubbleshare and Blogger.

Our goal was to make a Bubbleshare and this is how it turned out. We experimented with the different effects on Photo Booth and ended up pulling some really funny faces. Hope you like our show.

Jonathan, Morgan, Lucy and Petra.


Mrs Tele'a said...

Talofa Room 16.

Photo Booth is a lot of fun. You have some weird looking kids in class - haha. The kids at our school love it! A few times I caught a couple of kids using it at a time when they were meant to be on another task. The giveaway was when I heard the camera shutter sound that happens every time you take a snap.

Have you had a play using the movie function on it? The one where you can record yourself with a background video on the photobooth? That's a lot of fun too.

I'll check back soon to see if you have more weird and wonderful pics and videos to share and write about!

Mrs Tele'a

Harmony said...

Hey Room 16
Its me Harmony, I love you pictures they are cool and funny you guys are always happy and cheer me up.


Room 8 Super Stars said...

Hi Room 16, we thought that your goals were great. Also we like how your bubbleshare looked. Why did you choose to make your goal about creating bubbleshares? From Jennifer and Oliva in Room 10.

loimata said...

Hi Lucy,Petra,Morgan and Jonathan
your bubble share is radical and the pictures are sooo funny.Tee-hee!

Kathy Pittaway said...

Hi Guys
You look like you had lots of fun creating your crazy photos in photobooth. You have used some really wierd effects, I would like to try this with my class for our calendar artwork.

Room 15 Grey Lynn School said...

Wow we love your movie. Such great colours and it looks so much fun.

daniel v said...

hey zeb,
awsome drawing it realy looks like a real kitchen!!!

Anonymous said...