Thursday, February 13, 2014

My boogey boarding hoilday

On the holidays I went to Lang's Beach we did some boogey boarding and I hurt my back after that we had a ice cream from ms zippy [thay tasted good] After that we went and built a dam and then we broke it and we boogey boarded down it. After we went home and we had a shower and then we had a play and I hurt my hand it got pokd by a pin and we had to take it out it realy hurt when we took it out but after I got a chocolate. I felt happy because I like it at the beach and the boogey boarding was fun.

This is me being pulled along a stream 
that we built by my Dad.

By Lola


Uala said...

Hi Lola,

That beach looks amazing! I love swimming and especially at a lovely beach. You will have to give me directions so I can go there one day. The trench that you all dug out looked really big, it must of been loads of fun. Keep up the good work!

raneel said...

Hi Lola that was an awesome video. Ilike the part where you said hello.

raneel said...
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