Monday, November 10, 2008

Beans and Venn Diagrams

In the beginning my bean seed had a shell around it and it was in a clear plastic cup. The sprot has always been there, inside the bean seed. Now it has sprouted and it has been planted in the garden

By Joe.

When we first planted our beans they were nowhere near as impressive as they are now. They used to be simple speckled ovals, now they have long roots and big leafs. My bean's musty smell is still there. I can't wait 'till we get to eat our beans!

By Lucy.


Tim said...

Dear Joe and Lucy
very good ven digrams. I like it how you descriptive everything in the right order.

Anonymous said...

To Lucy great choice of words and I cant wait until we get to eat our beans as well. I think our beans will be apsolutly delish when we get to eat them.I also think your ven diagrm is great.And
to Joe Ithink your writing is very
descriptive.And your ven diagram is great. Keep up the good work guys .
from Elle

Anonymous said...

To Joe and Lucy.
We have been blogging for nearly a year and its the first time that we have seen someone clever enough to use venn diagrams like that. A brilliant idea!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucy/Joe

Fantastic ven diagram I like how you describe the change from the seed to it sprouting.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Joe and lucy. I was absouloutly amazed at the effort you put into those venn diagrams! (well I can't really read whats on them but I'm sure it would have been fantastic even if I could read it) Great work, keep up the fantastic effort.

From Alex.V.

Anonymous said...

To Joe/Lucy very good Venn diagram.I cant wait till we get to eat them too.I liked how you described the life cycle of you bean.keep up the good work.

Room 14 Seekers of Knowledge said...

Dear Lucy

Excellent venn diagram on the beans. I really liked the way you described how you felt.

From Ariana and Savannah.

Anonymous said...

To Lucy great words on your diagram . Also cool colours on your diagram it looks really funkey.For Joe you used really descriptive words.I can't wait till we get to eat our beans.

From vera

Anonymous said...

Hi lucy and Joe,
Lucy your venn diagram is super sweet!
Your little paragraph down the bottom is great too.
Joe, I can't really read your Venn Diagram since it's a bit fuzzy, but your description underneath your venn diagram is extra good . It's very descriptive and all makes sense


P.S : Great choices of colors (Both of you)